This is the best selection of dowsing videos on the internet

Hello dowsers! Since we get this asked a lot, we decided to write a post on on the best dowsing videos you can possibly find online, with the benefit of getting started some free information. If you are serious (or a bit more advanced) about dowsing however, you may want to check out our recommended dowsing courses. In this post we will outline a variety of videos below, from pendulum dowsing videos, to dowsing for gold on YouTube and much more. So, without further ado, let’s jump right onto it!

Dowsing & Pendulum dowsing videos:

  • How I Use the Pendulum to Read My Energy by Yin and Yang Living

Dowsing for gold YouTube videos

  • Dowsing for Gold using L Rods | Part 1 by Gold detectors
  • Dowsing for Gold using L Rods | Part 2 by Gold detectors

Water dowsing YouTube Videos

There are a variety of YouTube channels that cover water dowsing on YouTube, but we feel the videos below will explain all you need to know to in the easiest possible way:

With almost 14k subscribers, gardansolyn is definitely one of the best dowsing youtubers. Below is his YouTube beginner’s guide to rod dowsing:

Water dowsing on Vimeo [best videos online]:

Vimeo Video – pendulum experiment for dowsing

And there you have it! There are hundreds of videos on dowsing out there, and we understand it may feel a little overwhelming! But the ones we shared on this post will answer the vast majority of questions you may have on dowsing. Hopefully this was useful: if you liked this post, you may also want to explore what are the dangers of using dowsing rods, or how to use a coconut for dowsing.

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