6 Best Palm Reading Maps for Easy Readings

On this page you’ll find a collection of 6 detailed Palm Reading Maps which you can use as a visual guidebook for palmistry. What’s your love fortune? How about career? Find out with our palm reading maps.

What is a Palm Reading Map?

A palm reading map is a map of the palm of a hand, which can be used as guidance for determining a person’s personality traits, predicting the future, and for advanced palmistry readings. For example, mount Venus is an area on the palm corresponding to where it would be on a human face. Line types are like arteries that run throughout the palm. Palms have four basic types of lines: life lines, love lines, head lines and fate lines. This page will give you a mapped process of all you need to know to gain quick insights and perform your first palm reading.

The 6 Palm Reading Maps you’ll Ever Need:

This is a mapped right hand, it outlines the main mounts, lines and creases in a summarized overview.
This palm reading map provides 20 different explanations: from the lifeline shape and endpoints, to heart line and much more.
A color-coded map that provides an in-depth explanation of lines, mounts and things to look out for on both hands.
A very simple palmistry map showing both hands and their main lines.
A very “artsy” palm reading map of a left hand, in shades of blue and beige, explaining the meaning of each line and related palmistry items to observe.
This palm reading map is made of 10 paragraphs providing an highlight on the main aspects of palmistry and palm reading on the left hand.

Palm Reading Maps: a Word of Conclusion

If you haven’t got the time to read dozens of Palm Reading Books, then this page should’ve helped you obtaining a basic understanding of the palmistry process by using palm reading maps. We recommend you to review the maps a few times and start testing out your own palm readings!