Dowsing courses

On this page we have collated a list of recommended dowsing e-books, courses, kindle and e-learning resources to get you started, or focus on a specific aspect of dowsing: enjoy!

1) Professional Pendulum Dowsing Course [book or e-book]

Easily access your ‘inner-dowser’, unlock your full potential and learn the ins-and-outs of pendulum dowsing. Access the course here.

2) Dowsing Manifestation [online course]

Dowsing, spiritual energy, chakras and manifestation are interconnected: this course will show you how to use your dowsing power to change your life through effective manifestation. Click here for the course.

3) Almost FREE Dowsing Course for Beginners [Kindle edition]

If you are just starting out with dowsing, this is the perfect place to get started. Kindle is FREE for ‘Kindle-Unlimited‘ customers. Click here to access the course.

4) Dowsing for Health & Sound Healing [online course]

If you are familiar with Tibetan bowls, healing forks, sound therapy, or just realized your dowsing instincts point you towards health dowsing combined with sound, then this sound healing system is the best course for you. Click here to access the course.