What are the dangers of using dowsing rods?

Are dowsing rods safe? For the most part yes! All types of dowsing tend to be quite safe, but there is a very slim chance of minor issues when dealing with dowsing rods. This article will attempt to outline the dangers of using dowsing rods. 

So, how can dowsing rods be dangerous? There are three potential situations where dowsing rods may pose a risk:

Danger of using dowsing rods number 1)

This affects mainly people who are very religious. The assumption behind this scenario is that there is a diabolical association between Devil and dowsing. For people falling within this category, the rods are considered the way for Satan (or evil demons) to get to their soul. People who believe this, most likely haven’t used dowsing rods, so it is technically difficult to prove this danger is 100% accurate. It ultimately all comes down to belief.

Admittedly, in the history of dowsing there have been many religious people who have said the same thing about dowsing, that it must have some diabolical aspects to it. However, there has been an equally large number of religious people who have used dowsing for themselves without any concerns for their personal salvation, therefore this view of the dangers of dowsing has no real weight to it at all.

Danger of using dowsing rods number 2)

Another type of danger when it comes to using dowsing rods is if you have fairly solid rods, such as those made of steel, brass or copper, then there is a very slight risk you could cause yourself an injury if you weren’t careful how you carry them, or how you use them.

Some people wander around with one rod inside of their boot or pocket, ready to stick it in the ground, which may lead to them stabbing themselves, but the chance of this happening is realistically very low.

Danger of using dowsing rods number 3)

If the dowsing technique which you are using involves waving your arms around while holding a rod, then you might injure someone next to you or other people passing by. This is a very rare occurrence, but it is always recommended dowsing in an open space and ensuring you are not too close to other people.

In any case, if you are feeling dizzy, suddenly very tired, or something just doesn’t feel right, then it is recommended you just put your rods away and stop dowsing for the day.


We identified the three main dangers of using dowsing rods, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Spiritual danger (for religious people)
  • Potential self injury with solid rods
  • Potential injury to others when waving arms during dowsing

So, to answer the original question: are dowsing rods safe? We can say yes, they are. But pay attention to your surroundings and how you are feeling while dowsing.

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