Japanese Palm Reading

In Japan, palm reading (手相 in Japanese) is one of the most popular ways of predicting the future and interpreting the past. In Japanese palmistry, the thumb is believed to represent the mind and intelligence, the index finger is thought to represent the heart and emotions, and the middle finger is considered linked to the lungs and breathing.

The “Simian Line” in Japanese Palmistry

The simian line is a line on the palm that runs from the base of the thumb to the base of the little finger. It is one of three major lines on the palm, and it is said that this line indicates whether someone has a strong sense of self-preservation or not. A peculiarity of the simian crease is that it’s formed by the fusion of the heart line and the head line together.

In Japanese, this line is called “sarusen” (猿線), which literally translates as something along the lines of “monkey line”, and is often associated with with-a-strong-sense-of-self preservation and wealth creation. In some cases, the simian crease is associated with down syndrome. [Source]

How does Japanese Palm Reading work?

The first step in Japanese palm reading is to take a look at the shape of your hand. The shape shows whether you are self-confident and outgoing or shy and withdrawn. Like in many other types of palmistry, the most important lines in Japanese palm reading are the heart line, head line, fate line and life line. These indicate how someone interacts with others in their personal lives as well as their professional lives.

Japanese palm reading traditionally consists of five elements:

  • The shape and size of the hand,
  • The lines on the palm,
  • The mounts and their shapes,
  • The fingers, and
  • The mounds.

A palm reader of the Japanese tradition will look at the lines on your palm to determine what kind of person you are, what your life path might be, and what challenges you might face along the way. They will then make their conclusions and give insights in correlation with the zen aspects of the Japanese tradition.

Palm readings can also be used to predict love compatibility and career success, but also reconnect you at a deeper and spiritual level.

In conclusion, the Japanese palm reading school of thought will slightly differ from the western traditions, but they will all aim at achieving the same types of goals and predictions!