What is dowsing: dowsing techniques & technical dowsing

The objective of this post is to shed some light and give a comprehensive overview on the following questions related to dowsing:

  1. What is dowsing?
  2. What are dowsing techniques?
  3. What is technical dowsing?

By the end of this post, you should have a clear picture on all of the above: let’s dive right into it!

1) Dowsing Definition: What is dowsing?

Dowsing can be defined as a divination technique which enables one ‘the dowser’ to find objects or answers of various nature, without the support of scientific equipment. [source]

Dowsing objectives can vary from locating water, buried objects, metals or materials. Dowsing can also be used in spiritual and mystical activities; someone can also dowse for health benefits. 

Different countries may call dowsing with different names, depending on the reason for dowsing itself. In the United States, for example, people refer to dowsing as ‘divining’ when trying to produce an answer to a specific set of results. Another example can be water dowsing, sometimes referred to as ‘witching’. 

1.1) Dousing Definition:

Dousing, the present participle of douse, is the act of pouring a liquid or the act of extinguishing a fire or light. Although the two words sound identical, dousing does not refer to the act of divining or witching objects.

2) What are dowsing techniques?

It is very important to highlight that every dowser has a different dowsing style, and each person can establish a dowsing connection with different tools. It may take some time, even months, for someone to define their best dowsing technique.

With that out of the way, let’s see what are the three most common dowsing techniques:

  • Using Rods: most people often get their first dowsing results when using a Y-shaped rod, or two L-shaped ones. These could be made of wood, copper, iron or even crystal. There is a potentially unlimited amount of materials that are suitable for dowsing.
  • Using Pendulums: another popular dowsing technique is the usage of pendulums. Like in the case of rods, pendulums can be made of different materials. In any case, the dowser needs to establish a connection with the pendulum before being able to dowse effectively
  • Using Charts: charts for dowsing require a little more knowledge of dowsing in general, but can be used for more advanced dowsing techniques, such as predictions on the lottery or future events and relationships 

IMPORTANT: In any scenario, the dowser first needs to establish a connection with the rods (or pendulum, or item used to dowse), and then can start asking yes/no type questions to get to the desired outcome

3) What is technical dowsing?

Although there is no official definition for technical dowsing, we can say that technical dowsing refers to more advanced techniques of dowsing. As a rule of thumb, once someone has successfully dowsed for 10 times in a row (this number is arbitrary, but a good average estimation) and found the correct answers they needed every time, then the next step would be increasing their technical dowsing through more sophisticated tools and techniques. This may include long range dowsing, electrical dowsing or even spiritual dowsing.

In any case, it is recommended being fully informed and 100% aware of the potential dangers associated with dowsing. We wrote the post to outline all you need to know about the risks involved with dowsing. 

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