How to: pendulum dowsing for money

As explained in other parts of this site, pendulums are dowsing tools used to perform several tasks. One of the most popular tasks amongst beginners is to use pendulums for dowsing money

This is in fact what we’ll cover in this post: both dowsing money from a financial point of view, as well as dowsing money in the literal sense of searching coins in the open (last paragraph).

Pendulum dowsing for money: the basics

Dowsing for money is no different from other types of dowsing. What changes is the types of questions you are going to ask when looking for money. It is important to understand that pendulums operate with a little application of resonance. They ‘feel’ the electrical stimuli of items and bodies, and usually answer with either yes or no (although they can also point at directions). And one must define the source of answers. 

PAt a very basic level, the pendulum amplifies the signal it finds, and translates it to a signal that is understandable by a human.

One needs to connect with the human body’s superconscious side if you want to master your dowsing techniques. The device moves alongside the frequencies. These movements are different from one person to another, and the need to identify that inbuilt personal language allows you to connect with the object to obtain answers.

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Considerations before pendulum dowsing for money

a) Get ahold of a Pendulum

Here you have two choices: you either make your own pendulum, or you can simply purchase one (here’s our recommended page). Pendulums are mostly made from stones, but you can using anything that suits your budget, preference, as well as dowsing needs.

b) Cleanse the Pendulum

Perform a deep clean of any residue that forms on the surface of the pendulum, but most importantly, don’t forget about the spiritual cleansing of the pendulum. We wrote a full article on how to cleanse your dowsing pendulum here, so please go check it out if you haven’t already.

c) Build A Relationship With Your Pendulum

After getting and cleansing the pendulum, you should establish a dowsing connection with it. We covered this topic in full here, but to give you a short summary, you need to enter a meditative (or prayer) state, where you can let your energy flow through the tool. Click here if you want to know how that’s done.

How to Use a Pendulum Dowsing for Money

1. Join your hands together

Place your hands at the center of the chest and take some deep breaths for a few minutes. Ensure that you maintain peace of mind through connecting and focus the body nerves personally. This action makes the body effective to connect and use the pendulum.

2. Hold the pendulum

Hold the pendulum using the most-used hand. Ensure you are holding the pendulum in the correct way. Bring down the chain (or cord) few inches from the top. This distance is not specific, and it is recommendable to find an optimal distance that feels comfortable to you. Pendulum should never dangle too low, as it may become too sensitive and provide inaccurate results.

3. Setting up the pendulum for money dowsing questions

You can ask some common questions at first, to see how the pendulum will behave. Ask questions about your age and what you love. Ask them in a manner in which the answer must come in a yes or no form. The pendulum will make a difference for both yes and no answers.

4. Dowse for money: asking about financial needs

After determining the yes and no movements, you can now ask about the financial movements. There are simple rules that one must follow. 

Ensure that the questions are clear and closed to get a yes or no answer. Also, know that you must not get into any other person’s life without their permission.

An example of a well-formulated question when using pendulum dowsing for money is ‘is it good and right to find alternative ways to make more money?’ 

Avoid questions such as ‘will I be rich in the future’ as it’s a little too generic. The pendulum will either give you a yes or no answer, but sometimes you may also get a movement in the middle, which means ‘maybe’. 

You can then rinse and repeat with the money dowsing questions to perfect your skills on how to use a pendulum for dowsing money. 

5. Dowse for money: looking for coins in an open field

Another type of money dowsing is related to the actual search of coins in open land or abandoned sites. In this case, the questions you are going to ask are more location-related, as opposed to personal. 

After establishing a connection with your pendulum, examples of good questions you can use to start dowsing for money are ‘will I find coins today?’, ‘are the coins within a 20 feet radius of where I am?’, ‘will I need to dig to find them?’ etc.


Dowsing for money is not much different from dowsing in general. One can dowse for water, use dowsing pendulums, map dowsing, use dowsing charts, or even perform water witching. No matter what the final purpose is, dowsing is a great way to develop your intuitions, as well as a great way to lead you through life choices, or even as a new hobby, while having fun!

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