A Simple Guide to Making Witching Water

First of all, what is witching water?

Witch water is a term used to describe the water that was found or dowsed through the process of divining (or witching). This water is said to have special properties that make it beneficial for various purposes, such as enhancing fertility, helping with healing, and even protecting against negative energy. While there is no clear scientific evidence to support these claims, many people swear by the benefits of witched water and continue to use it for a variety of purposes.

How do you make witching water?

There are two types of witching water you can make:

  1. Witching water from existing sources: fill a container with fresh water and add a pinch of salt. Place the container outdoors under the moonlight on a night when the moon is full. Repeat this process for 9 nights in a row. On the tenth night, add three drops of lavender oil to the water and stir with a stick. You can then bottle and label the witching water and store it in a cool, dark place.
  2. Witching water found via dowsing: You can either use water that you have found through the process of divining (or witching), or you can use water from other sources and then use a pendulum to dowse it. Either way, the water needs to be clean and free of contaminants. If you are using water from an unknown source, you may also want to add some herbs or crystals to it to enhance its properties.

Witching water as a source of protection

Witching water is typically seen as a source of good luck and protection. If you have found witching water in your area, it is a good idea to use it in any spells or rituals that you perform. You can also drink it (make sure it’s drinkable) or use it in baths to boost your own protective energies.

Witching water as a way to connect with the spiritual

Witching water is an important part of many divination practices. Because it is often used to connect with spiritual beings, it is important to make sure that the water you use is clean and pure. You can ask your pendulum about the best way to cleanse and consecrate your witching water, or use any other method you feel comfortable with.

What are your experiences in making you own witching water?