How to make dowsing rods from coat hangers

As we have explained on other sections of this site, dowsing rods are employed by dowsers in attempting to locate water sources, lost objects, earth energy and metals such as gold

In this post we will focus on the step by step process to make dowsing rods out of hangers.

Materials needed:

  • Hangers: when making a dowsing rod from hangers, it is advisable to choose a wire coat hanger that is made up of steel and copper. Steel is highly bendable and it cannot rust.
  • Tools: To make a good dowsing rod, you require needle nose pliers which should also have a wire cutter at the base, two ballpoint pens that have straight plastic bodies for making handles (or alternatively, some straws or a piece of cloth).

Method for making dowsing rods out of coat hangers

  1. Acquire two equal parts of the wire
  2. Palace the needle-nose pliers on the top of the hanger near the hook and clamp it hard. After clamping, untwist the hanger to open it up. 
  3. After you have opened up the coat hanger, use your hand to straighten out the two bottom to make it one straight rod. 
  4. Use the pliers to cut off the wonky parts at the end.
  5. Bend the newly created dowsing rod into L-shape.
  6. Fold the wire symmetrically, by putting the ends together and cut it into two equal parts. 
  7. Take one piece of the dowsing rod hold in one hand, put your thumb on top and bend it down. 
  8. Make sure one end is long enough to dip, and the other end is short enough for you to hold it comfortably.
  9. Work on each folded wire into L-shape. The bend is supposed to create a 90-degree angle in the dowsing wire. The short side will be used as the handle of the dowsing rod, while the longer side will be for dipping and guiding you as you dowse.

Making of handles

Handles are supposed to cover the smaller leg of the L-shape dowsing rod. Handles give you a firm grip and protect your hands. Take your two ballpoint pens and remove the ink reservoir, as well as the end cap from each of them. You will be left with two hollow plastic tubes for making handles.

Place the short side of the dowsing rod on the hollow part of the pen where the ink stays and bend the part that protrudes past the hollow shell to hold it in place. Repeat the same procedure on the second dowsing rod to have a set of complete dowsing rods. You can use alternative materials like straws, dowel rod and a piece of rag cloth to make handles.

How do you find water with a coat hanger?

To start, find a field to dowse in. Stand near the edge, enter a relaxed state at first. Then hold the dowsing rods that you made of coat hangers, one in each hand and pointing forwards. Ask the questions and observe the rod movements. If the rod moves in a circle, it means there is water nearby. If the rod points straight ahead, it means there is a water source in that direction. If the rod points to the ground, it means there is an underground water source. So, next time you’re looking for water, don’t forget your trusty coat hanger!

If you’re looking for more details on the questions to ask, or the dowsing process itself, visit this page with all the dowsing resources you need.


It is not very hard making dowsing rods out of hangers. In most cases, you will probably have all you need at home already. If for any reason you can not follow the procedure above, or just don’t want to, you can still buy affordable dowsing rods online, which will allow you to practice dowsing in the same exact way.

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