How to cleanse a dowsing pendulum

You might have experienced inconsistency with the answers your pendulum gives. So what could be the problem? If you are new to dowsing with pendulums, you should know that a pendulum needs to be maintained and that includes cleansing it. 

You see, pendulums absorb energies, both negative and positive energies. These conflicting energies will therefore result in inaccurate answers. Whether you’re using wood, stones or diamond pendulum dowsing, you will always find yourself having to regularly cleansing your pendulums.

In this article, you will learn how to cleanse a dowsing pendulum but before that, you also need to understand that the method of cleansing you choose should be in line with the material from which the pendulum is made. There are pendulums made of wood, crystals and metals like copper, brass etc. What works with a wooden pendulum will likely not work with a crystal pendulum, apart from one or two special methods that require psychological influence.

Methods of cleansing a dowsing pendulum

  1. Intention: This is presumably the most effective, as it works with all types of dowsing pendulums. You are simply required to hold the pendulum with one hand and cover it with the other. You then declare clearing of any impure forces and speak positivity towards it. It is said that this method energizes the pendulum especially for complex dowsing processes, like diamond pendulum dowsing.
  2. Sage spray: You hold your pendulum and spray the sage spray over it. You can also spray some on a paper towel or a cloth and rub on pendulums that don’t work with water.
  3. Sunlight: Apart from crystal pendulums, it is suitable for other pendulums. Put the pendulum on the sun for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of 24 hours if it needs more cleansing.
  4. Moonlight (Full Moon): Place your pendulum on a place where it gets moonlight overnight.
  5. Sea salt: Immerse the pendulum into the sea salt and let it sit overnight. You are required to dispose of the salt after.
  6. Round-grained brown rice: Works the same as the salt water. Dip the pendulum in the rice and let it sit for 24 hours.
  7. Sound: A singing bowl makes sound when it is tapped and its mallet circled around it. You need to put your pendulum in it and then tap the singing bowl. The sound waves will harmonize with the pendulum and purify it for dowsing.
  8. Water: For pendulums that can take water, dip them in the cold water then in the hot three times. Some people simply use cold water then spray the pendulum with rose water.
  9. Smudging: Smudging involves using a smudge stick which could be made of sage or incense. Light the smudge stick then put it out. Pass the pendulum fully through the smoke for three to four times.

The above methods of how to cleanse dowsing pendulums are the most common cleansing methods you can use. You will find more sophisticated materials and techniques for pendulum cleansing as your dowsing experience increases, but the nine methods above will work on 99% of pendulums, and realistically all the situation you’ll probably encounter with dowsing. You are advised to not reuse the materials and substances you have already used for cleansing, especially the edibles like rice and salt.

Lastly, it is recommended to be familiar with the dangers associated with dowsing, and if you found this interesting, you may also want to read about the available options when pendulum dowsing with charts.