How to find gold with dowsing rods: Aurameter dowsing tool

It is no doubt that dowsing for gold nuggets & gold in general is one of the most popular areas of interest for people approaching dowsing. We already covered How to make a dowsing rod in a previous post, so here we will focus on the process & tools involved with dowsing gold.

First things first: the Aurameter dowsing tool

The best tool to get started with gold dowsing is the aurameter. The aurameter dowsing tool was first created by Mr. V. Cameron in the mid of the XX century. In simple terms, the aurameter consists of L-rods with an additional spring element attached (see this image for reference).

Although originally designed to dowse auras, the aurameter became useful also when detecting gold. Aurameters come in different shapes and sizes, and although it is a great gold dowsing detector, it can come at a steep price.

A different approach: pendulum dowsing for gold

Whether you are dowsing for gold coins, or simply getting your head around how to locate gold with dowsing, pendulums are your second best option. Given their popularity and ease of use, pendulums tend to be one of the most favorite dowsing tools, especially for beginners. We already covered how pendulum dowsing for money works, so we invite you to go read that post before you attempt using the pendulum to dowse gold.

Does dowsing work for gold?

Yes, dowsing can be used to find gold. Gold dowsing is a form of divination that uses various techniques and tools (i.e. pendulums or rods) to find gold specifically. Many people believe that gold dowsing is a way to tap into the subconscious mind, and that the movements of the pendulum or rod are controlled by the user’s subconscious.

Can you use a pendulum to find gold?

Yes, pendulums can be used for gold dowsing, but they are not the only tool that can be used. tools that can be used for gold dowsing include, but are not limited to: rods, wands, and even your own hands.

How does one use a pendulum for gold dowsing?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone may have their own method or techniques that work best for them. However, some tips on using a pendulum for gold dowsing include:

  • Relax and clear your mind before you start.
  • Hold the pendulum above the map or area you will be searching.
  • Ask a specific question, such as “Where is the nearest gold deposit?”
  • Be patient and let the pendulum do its work.

Interpret the pendulum’s movements accordingly – for example, a back and forth motion may indicate ‘yes’, while a side to side motion may indicate ‘no’.

Can divining rods find gold?

There is no guarantee that divining rods will be able to find gold 100% of the time, as it depends on a number of factors such as the skill of the user and the location of the gold. However, some people have successfully used divining rods to locate gold sources, so it may be worth giving it a try.

Do dowsing rods work for gold?

People often ask ‘can dowsing rods find gold?’: of course they can!

The trick here is actually on how to use dowsing rods to find gold, as opposed to questioning whether they work or not.

So, how do you really find gold using dowsing rods? It’s very simple. Like every type of dowsing, you need to ensure you establish a connection with your dowsing tool first. We have written three separate guides on the process of dowsing in general, which we recommend reading:

All principles and techniques described in those articles are applicable to dowsing gold, too.

All About Dowsing recommends: what are the best dowsing rods for gold?

Option 1) Explore L-rods for gold

Option 2) Check out dowsing rod gold detector (also work with water)

Option 3) Dowsing rods to find gold

Option 4) Not only rods: best dowsing pendulums for gold 

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