A beginner’s guide to dowsing lotto numbers

It’s no doubt that when people approach dowsing, they often express high interest in dowsing for lottery. Who wouldn’t want to guess the lotto numbers after all?

There are many ways one can go about dowsing the lottery. We will outline the 2 most popular ones below:

1) Dowsing chart for lottery

We covered a lot of topics related to dowsing charts on this site. Charts can also be used for dowsing lottery numbers. The principle is very simple: you need to either build or buy a dowsing chart, which can be of three types: list charts, fan-like charts or diagram charts. You then start asking the right questions. From broader questions such as ’am I going to get winning numbers today?’, to more specific ones such as ‘is 23 a winning number for the next time I play?’ etc. If you are not familiar with dowsing charts for the lottery or dowsing charts in general, we highly recommend reading this post first.

2) Pendulum dowsing for lottery numbers

Pendulum dowsing is a big topic by itself. So much so that we have a full category dedicated to it. When dowsing for lottery (or lotto) numbers using a pendulum, it is important to follow the basics of pendulum chart dowsing first. In simple terms, dowsing for lottery winning numbers is not different from pendulum dowsing in general. What changes is the types of questions asked. Example of questions that can be asked when pendulum dowsing the lottery: ‘are you going to indicate at least one winning number today? [If using dowsing chart]’, if yes, then you can ask ‘are you going to indicate at least two winning numbers today?’ etc etc.

Dowsing the lottery skills 

Most people who start dowsing for lottery, also want to get some sort of guidance at first. This is very understandable, especially because dowsing the lottery is more complex than water dowsing for example. Water dowsing can leverage the knowledge someone has about a particular soil or geographic and geological area, where dowsing the lottery can mostly rely on your dowsing skills and intuition.

Where to start: dowsing lottery numbers PDF

If you are going to dowse the lottery, you may want to have a starting point that is relatively easy to get to. PDFs can be very useful in this case. For example, if you are going to search dowsing the lottery pdf, or dowsing lottery numbers pdf in the search engines, you will likely be redirected to this dowsing lottery PDF. The document has 31 pages, it is free to download and contains plenty of insights on lottery dowsing. Definitely recommended as a starting point, especially for beginners.

Final thoughts

As seen above, dowsing the lottery is one of the most requested dowsing applications, especially amongst beginners. However, it requires a certain level of experience and may not be for everyone. Dowsing the lottery numbers can be done with charts, pendulums or even rods, which can be combined with dowsing PDFs. At the end of the day, one must believe in dowsing first of all, and then always be aware of the potential risks associated with dowsing.