Chart Dowsing & dowsing chart books revealed

When it comes to chart dowsing, people often ask about past life dowsing charts, or relationship dowsing charts. In this article, we will provide a high level overview of dowsing charts, as well as our best recommendation for dowsing chart books to get started right away.

Dowsing charts are usually a little more complex than dowsing pendulums or rods, because instead of relying only on your own dowsing intuition, charts also encourage you to make use of your rational mind. In any case, the dowser using dowsing charts will combine their spiritual energy with the dowsing charts, and sometimes with the addition of a dowsing tool, such as a rod or pendulum.

What are the different types of dowsing charts available?

There is a virtually unlimited amount of dowsing charts one can get, which come in many shapes and designs. Below a few examples of the most common dowsing charts can be seen below:

  • Relationship dowsing charts
  • Health dowsing charts
  • Past life dowsing charts
  • YES/NO dowsing charts
  • Number dowsing charts
  • Pendulum dowsing charts
  • Decision making dowsing charts

What is the best way to get started with dowsing charts?

One of the recommended ways to get started with chart dowsing is through Learn Chart Dowsing: Infinite Possibilities by D. Green. The dowsing charts & techniques within the book offer a simple flowchart approach to dealing with problems easily and effectively. You are taken through, step-by-step, all of the important aspects of a problem. Not just the rational stuff, but also the invisible, spiritual aspects as which can play such an important role in your life and relationships. 

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By outlining the steps for you, Learn Chart Dowsing ensures you have taken into account every aspect of the problem or decision you are facing. The format of the charts is designed to outline all the possible options to consider in your decision-making, as well as guiding you through the process, offering explanations where necessary. They are easy and simple to follow.

Another recommended dowsing chart book is The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book: The Doorway To Knowing Your Intuitive Mind by Dale W Olson. This book comes in paperback version, and has 50 available pre-designed dowsing charts, which is ideal for beginners.

Can I make my own dowsing charts?

Of course making your own charts is a viable alternative. Some sample designs can be found here. If you are a beginner, however, we would highly recommend getting started with a Professional Chart Book, where the heavy-lifting is already made for you, and you can start practicing right-away. 

Once you improve your experience with chart dowsing, you will find it even easier to even come up with your own improved designs.


Chart dowsing is an interesting and effective branch of Dowsing, which makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced dowsers. It can provide answers to more sophisticated questions than pendulum dowsing or rod dowsing alone. Anyone can start dowsing with charts, but we recommend getting a dowsing book if you are a beginner. Lastly, it is also worth exploring what are the dangers associated with dowsing here

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