Who Can Divine Water

There is a process known as water divining (also referred to as dowsing), that has been used to find water sources since the beginning of time.

We’ve already covered this in other parts of the site, but in short, the practice is said to work by using the power of intuition and a pendulum or stick to locate water underground.

Some of the most common ways to divine water are by using a forked stick, a dowsing rod, or your own intuition.

Though the process is said to be effective for many, there are also those who claim that water divining does not work at all.

Can anyone divine water?

Short answer is no. In reality, there are few people who can divine water. Those who have a natural ability to sense where water is located, and those who have learned how to do it through practice. If one person has negative intentions, foul language or thoughts, then they won’t be able to divine water, or anything for that matter.

In conclusion, water divining is a skill that not everyone possesses. Those who can do it well, however, are often very accurate in their readings. The key to successful water divining is a calm and peaceful mind. Any negative thoughts or language or distracting thoughts will complete ruin the process.