What does it mean when dowsing rods spin

As much as people enjoy meditation, dowsing rods are just as powerful as they connect us to Mother Nature. Experienced dowsers may know this already, but the inner feeling you when using a dowsing rod is completely unexplainable. It shocks at times. You will occasionally get the sense of déjà vu and a certain feel of touch. It will often put you in a peaceful state of mind. In this post we will focus on the following question: what does it mean when dowsing rods spin?

Interpreting a dowsing rod

As mentioned above, using dowsing rods may give a sense of déjà vu. Almost giving a person the third eye ability where you can see hidden features on the earth, most commonly getting hold of water bodies (but also finding lost objects or getting answers to complex questions). How this rod gets to have this amazing feature is still outstanding even to the scientists.

Over the years many people have embarked on dowsing as it is a part of relaxation mode to the body and ended up having a pinpoint accuracy to get what they want. For instance, farmers seek advice from dowsers from where to get water to irrigate their land.

As a dowsing rod does not have a single main purpose of finding hidden water, it can find about anything you search for from the lost treasures and energy. Potentially revealing a person’s inner characters that will help them do better in life.

When the rod spins, it shows there are some invisible strong energies in presence that need some acknowledgement. With the use of a dowsing tool, you can connect your subconscious with what is missing in your life.

How do you use dowsing rods?

Just like meditation, to put a dowsing rod in to complete effective use you need to relax and clear the mind completely and form the sense of illusion in mind. Particularly relating to divinity and boost of spiritual power, here is how you will make your experience effective.

1. To answer questions

Dowsing rods do not only connect us spiritually but, you can use them to get knowledge on the unanswered questions in your life. Typically, to get accuracy to the answers, you need to ask simple yes or no questions. Remember the movement of the rod will change at times, depending on the person.

2. To locate objects

To start the locating process, you need to visualise what you are in need for and make sure you are in a calm position with nothing else disturbing the mind. Now ask yourself the question what is the object you are looking for and in that same position, the rod will take you with pinpoint accuracy.

3. To test divination

If you need to gain more knowledge about spiritual connection and the prediction of some future experiences then make sure it is in the same way. Relax the shoulders and calm your breathing then ask the direct questions to receive simple and precise answers.


For whatever reason you use the dowsing rod for, the movements of the rod will give you the answer you seek. So if you need to have the first-hand experience, make sure you use it correctly. As you will always hear the question, what does it mean when a dowsing rod spin? By then, you will know the direct interpretation.

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