The Mount of Neptune in Palmistry

The Mount of Neptune is the area of the palm that is located just above the wrist: if you draw an imaginary line that extends from the middle finger to the wrist, you’ll find a little mount above the intersection – that is the Mount of Neptune. In ancient Roman mythology, Neptune was the god of the seas; in astronomical terms, Neptune is the eight & farthest known solar planet.

In palmistry, the Mount of Neptune generally represents spirituality, psychic ability, and imagination. Some people believe that it indicates a person’s connection to the spiritual realm, and that those with a strong mount are very attuned to their intuition and have a strong connection to their higher self. The mount can also represent someone’s imagination, and those with a strong imagination may be drawn to creative pursuits.

Meaning of a cross on mount of Neptune

The person with a cross on mount of neptune is usually very confident and proud. They are usually self-made and ambitious. People with a cross on this mount are usually very social, charismatic, and persuasive. They are not afraid to show their emotions and they are very passionate. This person will likely have a career in marketing, politics, or the arts. They are also very romantic and they value love and relationships. They also enjoy being in a committed relationship.

What does it mean to have a fish sign on mount of Neptune?

A person a with fish sign on mount of neptune will be a creative, intuitive and passionate person. They tend to be clairvoyant and intuitive and enjoy the arts, music and creative pursuits. They are drawn to spiritual subjects, the occult and are very open minded. They have a need to teach and help others with their wisdom and they cannot live without love.

Signs of an island on mount of Neptune

If you have an island on mount of Neptune, your personality is very moody and you are prone to change your mind a lot. You are a very passionate person and can either be very social or very reclusive in your personality. You are attracted to the same and you tend to have a lot of passion for whatever you do. You want to be in charge and control things, but when your mood changes, you sometimes end up doing the opposite thing. You usually have a lot of trouble finishing things, because you are easily distracted by other things. You are a very spiritual person and you believe that everything

Meaning of lines on mount of Neptune

Someone with lines, either vertical or horizontal on mount of neptune, is a person who has a long life ahead of them. They are ambitious and determined, but also have a good sense of humor. This person is good at adapting to new environments because they have a love for adventure. They like to be able to pursue their interests without having to worry about money.

What does a mole on mount of Neptune mean?

A person with a mole on the mount of Neptune is a dreamer. They don’t have a lot of patience for the mundane and everyday stuff, preferring instead to escape into their imagination. They are also very artistic and creative. They are not practical when it comes to money, preferring to spend or invest it on things they like and not on things that are needed. They are very idealistic, and usually have a hard time settling for anything less than perfection or the “dream”. They are also very sensitive, both emotionally and physically. They need a lot of space, both physically and in their relationships.

Triangle sign on mount of Neptune

A person with a triangle on mount of Neptune is very imaginative and has a tendency to create fantasies. They are also known for being unreliable and can be quite the show off. Triangles on mount of Neptune people need to learn how to be grounded, otherwise they can become lost in an imaginary world. They are very good at communicating and have a way of making people feel comfortable. Neptune “natives” are also not as quick to judge others which can make them great listeners. They are extremely compassionate and understanding and will do anything for their loved ones.

Meaning of a square on mount of Neptune

A person with a square on mount of neptune has a shrewd and cunning nature with an ability to see the truth behind superficiality. They have a desire for intellectual stimulation and are drawn to careers that are creative and involve being in the limelight. They are often surrounded by scandal in their love life.

What’s the meaning of a star on mount of Neptune?

An individual with a star on mount of neptune is an individual who has a strong need for change and the desire to be in control. They are often seen as a great innovator, but they can also be seen as a person who is too controlling. They will often have many friends and a large social network, but they may also have difficulty trusting others. They are often attracted to people with lines on mount of neptune, as it helps them feel more secure in their relationships. They can be good at motivating others to get things done, but they often have difficulty getting themselves motivated to do things.

Significance of a trident on mount of Neptune

The trident on the mount of Neptune indicates someone who is talented and hardworking. They are devoted to their work life and love nothing more than being surrounded by people who are like minded. They are a team player and will work hard to get along with anyone. They will have many friends and family members who they love dearly and they will be the life of the party. They are romantic and believe in soul mates and true love.

In conclusion, the Mount of Neptune can give insights into a variety of characteristics: a person’s character, fortune, love life, health, career and much more. For additional insights and guides on palmistry mounts, click here.