The Mount of Venus in Palmistry

The mount of Venus (or Venus mount) is one of the most important mounts in palmistry. It can be used to tell a person’s fortune, and also their personal characteristics and potential. The mount Venus is the area on the palm just below the web of the hand between the index and the thumb, at the third joint of the thumb itself.

Unlike other mounts on the palm, the Venus mount tends to be bulgier and more prominent than all others, even on “flatter hands”: this is the exact reason why it is considered one of the most meaningful mounts in palmistry.

How do you read Venus mounts?

A person with a flat Mount of Venus would be a person who is very emotional and sensitive. They are also in touch with their feelings and very intuitive. They are likely to be interested in spirituality and mysticism. They are likely to be very empathetic and love to be around other people. They may find themselves drawn to people who are hurting or in need of help, which means they are likely to be compassionate and generous. They may also find themselves drawn to people who are creative

Someone with a prominent mount of Venus will be quite analytical and logical in nature. They are often very calm and cool-headed, no matter the situation. This person is also set in their ways, so they’re less likely to be swayed by their feelings or the feelings of others. In some cases, those with a bulgy mount of Venus may not be as sociable or social, but this is not always the case.

Lines across the mount of Venus

An individual with lines across the Mount of Venus may be someone who is overly emotional, sensitive, and prone to overreacting to situations. They may have a strong affection for anyone who is kind to them and a fear of rejection. This person may be very introverted, shy, and sensitive. They may also be self-conscious and prone to feeling insecure.

Someone with horizontal lines across the Mount of Venus is a very sensitive person and prone to stress. They are adored by those who know them well, but often need to avoid social situations. They care deeply about their friends and family, but may be too sensitive to handle the day-to-day stress of a relationship and a job.

What does mole on Mount of Venus mean?

People with a mole on the Mount of Venus are considered to be passionate and creative people. They are also very self-confident and love to take risks. A mole on the Mount of Venus can also indicate an active love life and being passionate in everything they do.

Meaning of a crossed sign on the Mount of Venus

A person with a cross sign on their Mount of Venus will be a loyal and devoted partner. They can be overly sensitive and have a hard time expressing themselves, which can lead to clumsiness or dramatic outbursts. Although they have a tendency to take things too personally and end up feeling like many things are their fault, this isn’t true. They’re more likely to be blamed for other people’s faults because they don’t say what they want or how they feel clearly.

Circles, dots and spots on the Mount of Venus

People with dots or circles on the Mount of Venus, who are not in a committed relationship, will be more open to new relationships than people without this sign. They will be more likely to enjoy their single life and date multiple people. They will be more interested in their own needs, which might make their current partner feel unimportant or neglected. They need to be careful that they don’t have short-term relationships with people they don’t fully trust.

In conclusion, the Mount of Venus can help us understanding a variety of things: from emotions, love live, personality and much more. If you’re interested in visually mapped out palm reading points of interest, we recommend reading our guide on Palm Reading Maps.