Palm Reading for Past Lives

Palm reading & past lives are two related topics that are gaining popularity in the spiritual community. While palm reading mostly gives insight into a person’s present and future, past lives are believed to be the experiences of a person’s soul throughout its journey across many lifetimes.

The combination of palm reading and interpreting past lives is a powerful tool for those wishing to gain a better understanding of both the present and the past. Palm readers can use the lines in one’s palms to unlock forgotten memories from past lives, as well as gain insight into current life challenges. Through this practice, one can gain a better understanding of their life’s purpose and the spiritual path that they are on.

Overlap with past-life regression

Past-life regression is another tool that can be used in combination with palm reading to gain greater insight into one’s life. This technique involves accessing memories from past lives through hypnosis. Through this process, one can gain a better understanding of the challenges that they may be facing in their current life and what can be done to overcome them.

How does palmistry for past lives work?

When it comes to palm reading for past lives, a palm reader might begin by looking at the lines of the hand, noting any deep or prominent lines, as these can indicate a connection to past lives. In particular, they would focus on the life line, its intersection with other lines or any particular shapes.

They may also look at the mount points of the fingers, as these can often show signs of past life experiences. The reader may then look at the shape of the palm and the overall pattern of the lines, as these can often provide insight into the types of lives a person may have lived in the past.

They will make use of various techniques to gain insight into the individual’s past life experiences, such as reading the dominant hand for past life information and the other for the present. Ultimately, the reader will use their intuition to interpret the signs and symbols found in the palms and to create a picture of the individual’s past life experiences.

How many past lives did I have?

While it’s not possible to determine the exact number of past lives that someone had with palmistry alone, it is possible to gain insights on the types of lives that someone had before.

For example, a wiggly head line intersecting with the life line means that you have had many lives in the past. If the lifeline is very strong, you have had a long and meaningful existence.

A strong and deep life line is often correlated with being a compassionate and generous person in the past lives, often helping those in need. If there’s a star sign near the bottom of the head line, this indicates a strong spiritual connection with the world around, and a deep connection to the universe. Despite the hardships the person may have faced, he or she have remained optimistic and have always found a way to keep going.


In conclusion, palm reading and reading past lives can be a powerful combination for those wishing to gain a better understanding of their life purpose and the spiritual path that they are on. Through this practice, one can access forgotten memories from past lives, gain insight into present life challenges, and recognize patterns in their life that can help them move forward.