The Mount of Saturn in Palmistry

Introduction: The Mount of Saturn on Palm and its Significance

In Palmistry, the mount of Saturn is located at the very base of middle finger. The Mount of Saturn gives us insights on the traits of solitude and prudence, belief in fate and predetermination, tendencies towards mysticism and the occult. These are all qualities that are usually associated with introverted people.

The mount of Saturn has been depicted as a symbol in many cultures around the world since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians, for example, believed it was an entrance to another world or dimension.

Cross on mount of Saturn

If you have a cross on the mount of Saturn, it is likely that you struggle with authority or are in a position where you have to deal with authority. You might have made some mistakes in your past and have been punished for them. You might have a tendency to work too many hours and this can wear you down. Your career is likely to go up and down and you will find it difficult to maintain stability. Your best bet is to find a position where you are your own boss.

Fish sign on mount of Saturn

People with a fish sign on mount of Saturn are going to be very successful in their career. They will have a lot of money and a high social status. They are also going to be very lucky and are going to experience a lot of happy events and good fortune in their life. Get powerful insights into your future here.

Lines on mount of Saturn

The Lines on mount of Saturn in your palm reading indicate that you are a hard-working person and have achieved much in your life. You are ambitious and always striving for more. You are the type of person to be successful in any business venture that you undertake. Your future is looking very bright indeed and it is not just because of your career prospects but also your love life. Your career will flourish and you will make a lot of money in the later years of your life.

Star on mount of Saturn

The person with a Star on mount of Saturn is someone that has a deep understanding of the world and its people. They will be very analytical in their approach to life and have a deep level of compassion for their fellow man. They are very good at predicting the future and will not be surprised by anything that may happen in life. They are also very ambitious and will always seek to reach their full potential.

Trident on mount of Saturn

A Trident on mount of Saturn symbolizes fortune, future and career. You are a very determined person with a strong sense of duty. You are a natural leader and will always strive for the best. You enjoy being in control, and you tend to be very ambitious. You are imaginative, idealistic, and very creative. You are quite sensitive and compassionate. You are quite disciplined, patient and unselfish with your time.

Vertical lines on mount of Saturn

People with vertical lines on Saturn are usually very grounded and have an incredibly stable life. They are always focused on the task at hand and tend to be a bit of a workaholic. They don’t let themselves get distracted by superficial things and you’re not very adventurous. You find it difficult to express your feelings and this makes you a bit of a loner.

Mole on mount of Saturn

The person with a mole on mount of Saturn is a very private person and does not enjoy being in the spotlight. They are often influenced by the opinions of others, which can make them insecure. They shun social gatherings and prefer to be at home with a good book or just someone they know. They have a spiritual side and are very philosophical. They often keep to themselves and live in their own world.

How to Find Your Own Personal Responsibility in Regards to Your Relationships through the Mount of Saturn?

One’s personal responsibility in regards to their relationships is to find their own personal boundaries and limitations. We often have a tendency to blame others for our problems, but this only makes it harder for us to move on when things don’t go as planned. This is something that can be read through the mount of Saturn. For example, a wrinkly shape on the mount indicates hurdles with relationships, while a plump and round mount of Saturn is usually associated with easier dynamics at interpersonal level.

Regardless of the reading, it’s important to highlight that reading the Mount of Saturn alone won’t be enough to resolve your relationships – taking responsibility for our own actions remains key to having successful and fulfilling relationships. This means that we need to be willing to take ownership of our own feelings, and not blame our partners for our own mistakes.

We should also be open and honest with our partners about our needs and feelings, and be willing to compromise when needed. It also means that we need to take responsibility for our own happiness and well-being, and not rely exclusively on palmistry, or our partners to make us happy.

Square on mount of Saturn

A person with a square on Saturn is often a practical person who doesn’t believe in wasting time on frivolous things. If the person with a square is a woman, she tends to be close to her family, especially her father. She is often the person who takes care of others, and will help them out when they need it.

In general, people with a square on mount of Saturn are ambitious and a hard working, but also reluctant to change their mind. They can be moody, stubborn and uncooperative.

Meaning of a line from sun line goes to mount of Saturn

The love life of someone with a line from sun line goes to mount of Saturn can be mixed. They are attracted to people who are not equally attracted to them. Their financial situation can depend on their luck and how honest they are in their dealings. They may also have a lot of debt but still be good at making money. Personality-wise, they are very sensitive, but can also be greedy.

Types of branches across Saturn in palmistry

  1. Branch from heart line to mount of Saturn: The person with a branch from the heart line to mount of Saturn will have a tendency to be overly cautious. They will be deeply in love with what they do and they will put a lot of time and effort into making sure they excel at it. They will be loyal and faithful to the people they love and will be a pillar of support for them. However, they are afraid to take risks and this could lead to them missing opportunities.
  2. Branch from mount of Saturn to mount of sun: The signs suggest that the person is fixated on their family, and will do anything in order to provide for them. They will be very focused on protecting the things they care about. This person is most likely going to have a strong sense of responsibility, and will take it upon themselves to take care of any problems that arise. They are likely to treat their family as if they were their boss, and they will be very committed to them. The person is likely to be very stubborn.
  3. Branch of fate line goes to Saturn mount: The hard-working and disciplined person will be lauded for their great achievement. They will find themselves being challenged to make a choice between personal and professional life. Choose wisely.
  4. Branch of head line goes to Saturn mount: The person has a dogged determination, and they are intensely focused on their pursuits. They are determined on their journey and see their destination clearly.
  5. Branch of life line goes to Saturn mount: A person with a branch of life line that goes to Saturn mount is someone who is often reserved, serious and philosophical. They are likely to be the life of the party in social settings, but when they are alone, they are likely to feel aloof and lonely. They have a desire to be in a committed relationship, but they fear trusting someone enough to let them get close.

Conclusion: Considering the Mount of Saturn for a Healthy & Fulfilling Life

In conclusion, the mount of Saturn is often associated with our sense of responsibility and the need to be in control, but can also give us a lot of information on the love life & career of a person. This section will conclude that a healthy and fulfilling life can be achieved by understanding the importance of our relationship with the mount of Saturn.