Palm Reading for Pregnancy

Palm reading has been used for centuries to tell fortunes, predict the future, and provide insight into a person’s life and personality. But did you know that palmistry can also be used to tell if a woman is pregnant?

In it’s essence, palmistry involves analyzing the lines, shape, and other features of the hand to make predictions. When it comes to pregnancy, the same basic principles apply.

By examining the shape of the hand, the thickness of the lines, and the size of the palms, a palm reader can determine if a woman is pregnant. The shape of the hand is especially important when it comes to pregnancy. If a woman’s hands are soft and full, this is a sign that she is likely able to get pregnant.

The lines that run from the base of the thumb across the palm and up the index finger can indicate the fertility of a woman. If these lines are thick and clear, it is a sign that she is likely going to get pregnant.

The size of the palms is also important. If the palms are larger than normal, this can be a sign of pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, the body produces more hormones, which will reflect on the shape and size of the palm and the creases within.

The pregnancy line in palm reading

The pregnancy line is an important line to consider when it comes to palm reading and pregnancy. This line is not always present, but when it is, it’s typically found on the left hand and runs from the base of the thumb up the index finger (as briefly mentioned above).

A clear, thick line indicates a high chance of pregnancy, while a faint or broken line could indicate that the woman is not pregnant, or not likely to become pregnant at the present stage. This line can also indicate the health of the pregnancy, with a stronger line indicating a healthier baby.

Additionally, a pregnancy line can provide insight into the gender of the baby, with a line that curves towards the thumb indicating a baby girl, and a line that curves towards the index finger indicating a baby boy.

Palm Reading & Pendulum Pregnancy

Although we’ve already covered the pendulum test for the gender of a baby, we’ve never talked about how it works in combination with palm reading, so here it goes:

  1. To read the palm of a woman and predict the gender of her baby using a pendulum, start by having the woman sit or stand with her palms facing up.
  2. Next, hold the pendulum over the left palm, beginning at the wrist and slowly moving up the arm. Ask the pendulum to show the gender of the baby – if it swings in a clockwise circle, it will be a boy, and if it swings in a counter-clockwise circle, it will be a girl. (P.S: Note that you have to calibrate the pendulum to answer about pregnancy beforehand).
  3. Alternatively, you can start at the area just below the thumb and ask the pendulum to show you the gender of the baby. Again, a clockwise circle indicates a boy and a counter-clockwise circle indicates a girl.
  4. It is important to remember to ask the pendulum the same question each time, as this will give you the most accurate results.