The Mount of Jupiter in Palmistry

Where is Mount of Jupiter?

In Palm Reading, the Mount of Jupiter is the Mount under the index finger, located just above the point of convergence between the line of Life and the line of Head. It usually indicates someone’s personality and traits. As a rule of thumb, a prominent mount of Jupiter equals a prominent personality and vice versa.

What does a star on the Mount of Jupiter mean?

A star on the Mount of Jupiter is a sign of good fortune and is a symbol of giving. A star on this Mount also shows a favorable situation in which the person will have power, authority, and respect.

What does mole on Mount of Jupiter mean?

A mole on the Mount of Jupiter indicates someone who is a natural leader: it can also indicate that the individual will achieve a high social position, and be quite popular. People with a mole on the Jupiter mount are usually very charismatic and persuasive. They use their intellect to take charge of any situation and would be great at persuading people to join their cause. The person is intense, opinionated and determined. They have a lot of drive and will work hard to achieve their goals.

Life line extending to the mount of Jupiter

If your (or someone’s) life line extends to Mount Jupiter, you will experience a personal breakthrough that will allow you to become more creative and find new ways to express yourself. You are a person who has a talent for working with children and will work hard to provide them with the best care possible. You are a spiritual person and enjoy involving yourself in the beliefs of other cultures. You also have a lot of patience, which will help you to deal with people who are fighting and unhappy.

Lines on mount of Jupiter

The meaning of lines on the mount of Jupiter is that someone has more than one distinct personality trait. Someone with lines across this mount will have trouble choosing one direction or goal to dedicate themselves to. The individual may also have trouble determining which personality trait is the most dominant. This person will be given to daydreaming, fantasizing and making superficial friendships.

Trident shapes on mount Jupiter

Those with a Trident on mount of Jupiter are very intelligent and intuitive. They are also easily bored and will often find other interests. They are drawn to people who are strong, confident, and driven. However, this person will be very ambitious, and focused on their career. They will be a strong leader, and have a very strong sense of morals. They will be very good with money and finances.

Fish or Fish sign on mount of Jupiter

The Fish sign on Jupiter is always looking for their next big adventure. They always want to be the center of attention, and will do anything to have all eyes on them. They always have something going on, and they like to get the most out of life. The Fish sign on Jupiter will always be up for a new experience, even if it means going out of their comfort zone. They will always want to be in the spotlight, and will do anything to have all eyes on them.

Horizontal lines on Jupiter

Someone with horizontal lines on mount of Jupiter is a person who will be a good leader. They are very charismatic and persuasive. They can be a bit intimidating, but they are willing to work hard for what they want. Their personality can be unpredictable and going with the flow. They are agreeable and like to be social.

The palmistry meaning of a Square on mount of Jupiter

A person with a square on mount of Jupiter has a competitive personality. They can be overly competitive with others and tend to try to control situations. They can be very egotistical and need validation from others in order to feel confident about themselves. A person with a square on Jupiter will also have a very active mind. They may be an entrepreneur, or someone who likes to be in charge and make decisions. They may have a strong sense of morality and justice, and be a person who is demanding and prone to angry outbursts.

Vertical lines on Jupiter

An individual with vertical lines on the mount of Jupiter would be a person of high moral standards who is striving for perfection and seeks excellence in all that they do. They are charismatic and quick thinkers who are serious minded and insightful. They are also imaginative, sociable and tolerant. Those with vertical lines on mount Jupiter have a lot of energy and are always on the go. They are also very responsible and practical.

Big cross on mount of Jupiter

People with a big cross on mount of Jupiter are usually someone you might be the person you want to tell your secrets to, because they are often the type of person who is trustworthy and dependable. They have a tendency to be very generous and showered in love. They can also be very judgmental, and have a tendency to be very critical about other people.

In conclusion, Jupiter is a mount that can greatly help us understanding a variety of things: from leadership to love live, career and much more. If you’re interested in visually mapped out palm reading points of interest, we recommend reading our guide on Palm Reading Maps.