What is pendulum dowsing?

One of the most popular tools for dowsing is the pendulum. Using a pendulum to dowse is something that most people can learn and master. In this article we will provide insights on what is pendulum dowsing, how it works, and what is the best book on pendulum dowsing to start learning today.

First things first, what is a pendulum and how does it work with dowsing?

In simple terms, a pendulum can be defined as a weighted object that hangs from a chain or cord. Important: a dowsing pendulum should never be made of magnets

Pendulums for dowsing are often made of wood, some types of metal or crystal. For some people, pendulums can also work with keys, small spherical balls or personal little objects. The pendulum is generally a simple tool, and its purpose is to establish a dowsing connection between the dowser and the pendulum itself. The pendulum then exchanges information, and moves in different ways in response to the dowser’s questions.

How does a dowsing pendulum provide answers?

People who are skeptical about dowsing tend to say that pendulums only move towards a certain direction simply because they respond to the movement of the dower’s hands. While of course the pendulum can be moved by hand, this isn’t necessarily the case when dowsing. If you believe that dowsing pendulums simply move because of the hand motion, then you will probably not be able to dowse yourself. Dowsing with a pendulum requires a certain degree of trust, faith and belief in the process, because answers will eventually come from your intuition, dowsing experience and spiritual inclinations.

Before anything else: Pendulum Cleansing

If you are considering the idea of pendulum dowsing, it is dowsing best practice to cleanse your pendulum before using it. There are various ways to cleanse a dowsing pendulum & charge it with your energy. We outlined the easiest one below:

  • Sunlight exposure: put your pendulum in an open and sunny place, either by a large window in your home, or somewhere in your garden. The pendulum should be exposed to the sunlight for a full day. This way the sun rays will purify the pendulum and get it ready to be charged with your own personal energy 
  • Personal energy charge: After you purified the pendulum in the sunlight for a day, you are ready to charge it with your own dowsing energy. To do so, hold your pendulum in BOTH your hands, and ensure they are wrapped around the pendulum as much as possible. Once the cold feeling of the pendulum material starts to fade in your hands, it is time to close your eyes and spend the next 5 to 10 minutes focusing on the pendulum’s energy. Different people use different techniques at this stage, and there is no right answer that fits all solutions. The transmission of energy can happen through prayer, meditation, religious connection, or connection with your ancestors. In any case, you want to direct your flow of energy into the pendulum. Don’t be upset if it doesn’t work right away, as it takes some patience and practice to transfer your energy into the pendulum.

Now that we defined what is pendulum dowsing and the basics of how it works, we’d like to give you the following tools to get started with pendulum dowsing yourself.

Start Pendulum Dowsing: which is the best book on pendulum dowsing?

If you wish to get started on pendulum dowsing, and want to learn pendulum dowsing fast, we have two great books to recommend:

Best book on pendulum dowsing 1) 

A Beginner’s Guide to Pendulum Dowsing, by Benda Hunt (2012). This book covers all the important aspects of pendulum dowsing. You will be guided through choosing & programming your pendulums, as well as showing the various ways you can dowse with a pendulum, and most importantly, how you can include it in your day to day life.

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Best book on pendulum dowsing 2) 

Our next recommendation is the following: The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book: The Doorway To Knowing Your Intuitive Mind, by Dale W Olson. This book is a little more complex, as it targets both beginners, as well as experienced dowsers, with the inclusion of dowsing charts and more technical dowsing techniques.

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We hope this article provided some insights on what is pendulum dowsing, how it works and how to get started with the best books on pendulum dowsing. You may also be interested in What are the dangers of using dowsing rods, or Things you should consider before getting water dowsing rods.

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