How to Read Angel Cards

Are you drawn to the mystical world of angel cards, but unsure of where to start? Fret not! By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on this divine journey of angel card reading.

Understanding Angel Cards: What are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are a type of oracle card, a tool of spiritual guidance. They provide insight into your life and offer wisdom and guidance from your guardian angels. But how did they originate? Let’s dive into their history.

The Origin of Angel Cards

While angel cards have grown popular in recent years, their roots trace back to centuries-old spiritual and divination practices. They emerged as a more positive and supportive variant of traditional tarot, with messages directly from the angelic realm.

Preparing to Read Angel Cards: The Importance of Intention

Setting clear intentions is the first step in angel card reading. Your intentions channel your focus, making the reading more effective. So, always begin with a calm mind and an open heart.

Creating Your Sacred Space

Next, create a serene space free from distractions. This can be any place where you feel relaxed, be it a quiet room or a serene spot in nature. Lighting candles, incense, or playing soft music can also enhance the ambiance.

Choosing the Right Angel Card Deck

Your connection with your deck is crucial, as it’s the conduit through which angelic messages flow. Pick a deck that resonates with you – you could be drawn to its artwork, feel a strong emotional connection, or simply feel at ease with it.

The Process of Reading Angel Cards: Shuffling the Deck

Now, onto the process itself. Start by shuffling your deck. This act not only randomizes the cards but also helps to transmit your energy into them.

Asking the Angels

As you shuffle, ask your question or simply request guidance from your angels. Remember to frame your queries positively and avoid asking for specific outcomes.

Drawing the Card

Draw a card from the deck intuitively. Trust your instincts – the card you’re drawn to is the one meant for you.

Interpreting the Card

Finally, interpret the drawn card’s message. Each card’s imagery and words convey unique messages, so pay attention to both.

Understanding Different Angel Card Spreads: One-Card Reading

This is a simple spread where you draw one card, usually for daily guidance or an answer to a specific question.

Three-Card Reading

In this spread, three cards are drawn representing the past, present, and future. It provides a more detailed insight into your situation.

Seven-Card Reading

The most comprehensive spread, seven cards are drawn for a detailed, future-oriented reading. It provides an in-depth understanding of your path ahead.

Common Misconceptions about Angel Cards & Readings

Many people fear angel cards, associating them with negative energy or ill-fate. However, angel cards are purely tools of guidance and positivity, connecting us with the benevolent angelic realm.

How to Deepen Your Connection with Angel Cards

Regular meditation, journaling your readings, and using crystals can deepen your connection with angel cards. The more you use them, the more attuned you become to their messages.

In conclusion, Angel cards are a beautiful, powerful tool of guidance, offering insights from the spiritual realm. As with any spiritual practice, patience, openness, and practice are key. Ready to embark on this mystical journey?


  • Can anyone read angel cards?
    Absolutely! Angel cards are for everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or experiences.
  • How often should I read angel cards?
    This is entirely up to you. Some people like daily readings, while others prefer weekly or only when seeking guidance.
  • Do I need to cleanse my angel card deck?
    Yes, cleansing your deck occasionally helps to clear any accumulated energies, keeping the messages pure and accurate.
  • Can I use more than one deck for a reading?
    Yes, using multiple decks can provide more nuanced insights. However, ensure you’re comfortable handling one deck before moving to multiple.
  • Can I read angel cards to others?
    Of course! You can share angelic wisdom with others but always respect their comfort and boundaries.